Blackish Blue Friday

November 25, 2011

So it is the day after Thanksgiving. Leftovers are neatly stacked in the fridge. The wishbone is drying out. And my freshly washed tablecloth is cranberry stain free but also four inches shorter. (already have next year’s Turkey Day project…sewing fabric to the ends to cover the table)
Yesterday was just fantastic. Seventeen of us…missing were the Colorado group, Navy boys, and German Joe…so a relatively small group. The great thing about my family is that we genuinely like each other. I would often tell my parents the greatest gift they gave me were my brothers. And my brothers did a nice job continuing that gift by bringing their awesome wives and kids into the family fold. It felt really good having our first official holiday under roof together at the updated homestead. The bird was delicious and all the other sides were savory complete with five different pies and homemade whipped cream.
After the early afternoon dinner many of us took to the acre with chainsaws, trimmers, and pruners in hand. Fortunately the meal absorbed most the libations we consumed making the task of falling limbs and trees on the property a bit less hazardous. What a great way to get up and moving and enjoy the beautiful day. There was one moment of uncertainty as Andy climbed a ladder, then climbed a tree, using an extension tree trimmer to free a seemingly random branch. Of course four of us are passing along our valuable advice from forty feet below and I am pretty sure Dad was infinitely overhead sighing, “What the hell are you guys doing?” Honestly, I wasn’t quite sure.
Following the tree trimming adventure and a slow, casual dessert time, there was a brief interruption to the Thanksgiving bliss. With a thud and a scream, all eyes turned to Helena who slipped from a stool and was screaming on the floor. When I got to her, she handed me ANOTHER tooth! Understand, this girl has had five visits from the tooth fairy (all coins still being deposited at the door and not the pillow mind you) in the past month. Two in the past week. Now again? And it wasn’t even a loose tooth. Apparently when she slipped her mouth hit the stool bench (there is a tooth mark to prove it) and it all went downhill from there. Just a gradual, relatively short downhill. With more blood then I needed to see, we were able to determine it was from the newly exposed tooth socket and a sizable cut to the lip. I was calm, she was brave (though a very sore mouth and black and blue fat lip today) and other then Andy and Craig delivering a towel and ice to us, I am happy to report that no one else’s conversation was really interrupted even from just a few feet away from the action.
So in addition to good health, friends, etc…TODAY I am grateful for…no medical emergencies that can’t be handled from the freezer, a supportive yet wonderfully nonreactive family, and my decision to go with a red area rug in the powder room.
What a perfect day! Enjoy yours!


One Response to “Blackish Blue Friday”

  1. Joanne KInderwater said

    We all had a wonderful time Anne! Everything was delicious, as usual, but the turkey was especially delightful this year. NICELY DONE! It was so special to be in your new home to celebrate Thanksgiving. Thank you so much for hosting us and for your warm hospitality.

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